While organizations spend huge sums of money every year to maintain a security perimeter designed to fend off cyber and insider threats, daily reports about data breaches are raising doubts about the effectiveness of these investments.
Most traditional security tools are silo-based and require legions of staff to comb through the huge amount of data to connect the dots and find the needle in the haystack. These efforts can take months, during which time attackers can exploit vulnerabilities and extract data. Breaking down silos and automating security operations tasks is therefore essential for implementing a new enterprise security model.

Impossible? Think Again

The RiskSense Platform is the first next-generation cyber risk management solution, empowering enterprises and governments to finally reveal their particular cyber risk exposure across a growing attack surface, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results. This is done by unifying and contextualizing internal security intelligence, external threat data, and business criticality.

Focus on What Matters

The RiskSense Platform ingests data from a variety of security and IT tools as well as external threat data feeds. Ultimately, it preserves your existing technology investments and enhances their value by automating the data aggregation, correlation, and normalization process. The result is a contextualized, risk-based view of your organization’s cyber security posture, allowing your security and IT teams to move from detection to remediation in minutes, not months.

Ultimate Coverage

The RiskSense Platform unmasks cyber risk across your constant growing attack surface – not just the network layer, like many other vendors. Our expertise at identifying for instance application level risk, combined with the unique ability to simultaneously analyze internal and external security intelligence along with asset criticality at scale, provides unparalleled visibility into cyber risk driving mediation actions quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Deployment

Available as a hosted Software-as-a-Service offering, virtual appliance for those customers with heightened security needs, or through many of the world’s leading Managed Security Service Providers.

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Aggregate and Normalize Security Intelligence

The RiskSense Platform can consume and correlate data from tools such as Vulnerability Scanners, Application and Event Monitoring Systems, Database Security and Data Leakage Systems, Configuration Management Systems, Patch Management System, and many more.

It normalizes the data and minimizes false-positives by conducting differential analysis across the different sources and unifying the data to avoid duplicates and enrich the findings.

At the same time RiskSense’s correlation engine aggregates data across different data types and maps assessment data to compliance requirements.

All of this fully automates the otherwise tedious and distracting tasks for your security operations team.