Infrastructure Management

Today the IT infrastructure is strained to its breaking point by new technologies, ever-changing customer needs, and shrinking budgets. Staying ahead of the competition requires an infrastructure that is flexible and scalable to respond to this dynamic environment while delivering enhanced customer experiences.
Our infrastructure practice focuses on providing business-ready, nimble enterprise services that link outcomes to business needs. Our philosophy is based on the three tenets of:

  • Glass House (transparency across operations)
  • Scale Out (monitoring and service enablement)
  • Rising Tide (knowledge integration for autonomics)

Our key focus is to Simplify IT® operations leveraging a powerful combination of people, process and platform. Based on our experience the three key focus areas are:

  • Automated Operations: Reduce cycle times, improve predi
  • ctability and deliver Right-First-Time solutions
  • Preemptive Analytics: Prevent tickets by early detection of problem patterns enabling IT to become First to Know
  • Agile DevOps: Drive continuous delivery and continuous integration across the SDLC
    Our end-to-end infrastructure management services include consulting, transformational and managed services.

Our Perspective

  • Transformation Services
    • Agile DevOps
    • Cloud Services
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Mobility Solutions
    • Infrastructure Migration and Upgrade Services
  • Run the Business Services
    • Kore Managed IT Solutions
    • End User Computing Services
    • Network Transformation and Managament
    • Infrastructure Security & Compliance Management (ISCM)
    • Datacenter Services
  • Delivery Excellence
    • Multi-Shore Command Center
    • Shared Services
    • Dedicated Support Models
  • Platforms and Accelerators
    • KORE Platform
    • Tempo
    • Alliance Ecosystem